Allura is Amazing

Or things that no one really cares about.


Over the last few weeks, I have been rp-ing the character Allura from the show Voltron. Now anyone in the know about roleplaying is that a lot of the time you will not be playing the character to the letter. Unless they are OCs but I digress.

In a sense, the character becomes a hybrid of your own intentions and what the creator had in mind for who they made. In fact, there is no clear distinction between what is canon behaviour and out of character if done ‘correctly’.

In fact, roleplaying has made me more empathetic to someone who would never be within my realm of thought. For the sort of person, Allura could be and how she changes in different worlds.

¬†Even though I had never intended to take the mantle of a space princess, I had begun to like the character because I made her my own. She’s sly, bitchy but she is also intelligent, caring and has no qualms about getting her hands dirty.

Aside from a few people saying that I sound like Allura (really?), it is just interesting to see how you begin to see parallels between you and what becomes your ‘muse’. In fact, I became offended that someone does not like the character, even though she isn’t me.

I am planning to begin a story about the Gang AU group RP that I had been a part of that involves bar owner Allura with a Lion gang member/assassin Lance. Something I never would have imagined writing a few weeks ago.

I just feel her story isn’t done even though her part in the group rp has long been over. Have I done her justice? I sure hope so. She has been a trip and an amazing learning experience.




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