Hunger of the Black Lion

Hunger, a deep gnawing sensation that burns through your body, grips all your senses, thoughts and actions.

All sin can be derived from hunger; greed, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy and lust.

How long had he felt the gnawing inside himself, searing every action as he took and took, always, ravenous.


Of course, that incredible seeking drive made him the best, the most suited to the black lion.

A protector, a guardian, someone never sated and slacked, always driving to go further.

Even as his world died, slowly, gasping in its last breaths.

He would not assent to defeat, the starvation within him,

Would not allow it.


Decades, centuries, millennia, his army was legion, his heart never fulfilled

He had lost the black lion and taking life from a dying man

Only pushed him to seek it out further.

Altea was one of many victims or was it justified cruelty.

No one knew for sure, not even himself

As he sits upon his dark throne, restless still.


Ten thousand years since the traitor’s fall, his own or Altea, maybe both

He felt it, of course, a piece of him dangling within his sights

The black lion, taken away, sealed, lost.

Voltron was needed for total dominance, practicality

Sentimentality made his every motive,



His ravenous nature, why did he assume

He would be satisfied with the living machine

Even as his soul crooned, it was not enough

His usurper, taker of his Lion

He would own him completely,

Break him, crush him, mould him anew

He became part of the lion-like he was

They will merge and form, take him


His eyes, black voids stared blankly into golden glow

He was illuminated in the purple glow of the Galra empire

He fought, he relished in the fire that burned and consumed Shiro

After all, he felt it within himself, as he poured more in return

Starved lions, locked in a cage of wits and survival


He was being sated, his hunger slackening and what was left was primal fear

He intended to conquer, not to become less

Yet he was reaching tenuous limits, consumed with completion

He tore himself in the process and he could not come back


Bite, he snaps in anger and bites down, salt and iron, flooding him

Growls as he pushes down, seeking domination in turmoil,

Constantly fighting, never yielding, yet reaching contentment

Yet it wasn’t enough, robotic hand, human hand


Tugged and pulled, gasping as the salty iron washes down his throat

Replaced with clear fluid, pull them closer

An appetite for the flesh

Of growls, no empty platitudes, no promises

Those were already said in claws and nails

Never breaking, but shaping to more

Not quite reaching there, they shake, they rile,

It was never enough


Evolution or was it devolution,

Apex predator brought low by a mere man

Famine metamorphosed to pestilence

Consequences clear in his lost predation,

Now committed, weakness thwarted or ignored

He shall never be sure,

Yet he also changed the other, made flint,

Tinder to their mutual flame,

They would burn together, never gratified


It was never easy, no clear dominion over the other,

Both held a spot on the darkened throne

Built anew yet their need remained

Hunger inside the hearts of the Black Lion Paladins


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