Leo – Nanauatl

Four steps, four languorous steps

His elder god, who proclaimed to be the next sun

Refused to remain in the molten core

Thus he stood on the platform,

The diseased god, the untouched

Took those steps and dived forward

He rose, golden as the burning heat surrounding him

A new sun was born


Where once his touch would be reviled and despised,

Were now blessed as his people reached for him,

Venerated him, desired his glow upon them


He only held one large desire despite his godly status,

He wished for music, the notes clashing and soft,

Of windswept battles, his people were warriors,

Of the echoes of laughter, families and friends

Of desire, the soft whispers of lovers


Of joyous cries as they brought another to his stone kingdom,

Hotter, faster, frenzied with all the arias of sacrifice

As they brought the blade down

Seeping into the cracks, their spirits reaching him in echoes

All music to the Sun God’s ears


Fuelled, he needed to be fuelled

Because even as he was filled with love,

He was also filled with hunger,

He needed to devour as more and more

His people took so he had to take,

Red, gold and black,

A frenzy


He consumed, never full, always starving

Until all that were left of the once great civilisation

Sunlight, stark against the broken battlefield

Were bones, tomahawks and gunpowder,

He turned to his brothers and sisters,

He pulled them across,

Devour, until desperation breaks


Music, the gentlest, serene rhythm

Drifted to him, a small being,

Soft, fragile, his eyes met theirs,

It offered himself to him,

Even in the encroaching, vicious light,

Even as all others had fled his heated might,

Sacrifice, a rabbit’s blood on his lips,

He wept, love, dripping inside him,

The sun dimmed in its sorrow


Authors Note

This was based the first ever piece I had created for enjoyment. I believe that my writing has gotten stronger so I had decided to rewrite this story.

Essentially, this is a mythology AU for Yuri On Ice, an amazing anime about ice skating.

My plan was to have characters be a mythological being from their origin country. Taking some creative licence, I had decided to make Leo, Mexican in order to use Aztec mythology.

I am always super interested in learning about mythology but due to this being outside my usual area of knowledge, I relied on this website for information about the ‘humble god‘.

Let me know your thoughts and please let me know if some area of this piece makes you leery due to your culture.



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