Chris – Freya

I am the heated breaths against your lover’s chest,

Hearts beating like butterflies and thunder

Whispers against the others,

Hands roaming, chests heaving,

A culmination of desire, met


I am the weight and light of a lone soldier,

Toiling in struggle, all for the better,

Wistful as he thinks of home and country

He sees them in his dreams, familia


I am the child and the mother,

I am completeness and emptiness,

As I am torn from your bodies,

The connection tenuous when once,

We were one, an entity,

Yet the core remains inside both


You worship me through your passions,

Your love strengthens, every essence

I rejoice as you do,

Life and love, as I breathe, you breathe


My form is not bound as it had been once for mortals,

I have changed, countless imaginings

Of woman, man, neither, all

All that I am, was inside,

The holder of fates,

All driven by feeling and will,

Emotions deep, the strongest


Yet, one could not be changed,

Even as his jovial countenance hid,

Endless longing and emptiness,

Swept away by the currents of time,

He grew more aloof,

A friend and lover


A god, the god of creation itself,

Even personification of Love,

Could never reach the aching centre,

His body touched mine through eternity,

Yet his soul burned brightly without me


Until he sat, distance never made so clear,

Even as he stood so close

His eyes, colour of the Valhalla skies and air,

Shone, his voice pitched with fervent want


In my hand held the strings of the world,

His hand guided them but never for his own,

Till now as he caressed my cheek,

I could never deny him


“Win the next Grand Prix for me.¬†Please dear Frig”


Authors Note

My second piece that has been written for the Yuri on Ice mythology AU.

Like before, it has been rewritten in my attempt to see if I can make them better.

For Chris, I had selected Norse mythology as the base for his character and his clear depiction of ‘mature Eros’ made it quite an easy choice for who he should be.

As always, please let me know if this does not sit well with you culturally or even literary wise!








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