Love and Validation

As social creatures, we go against the very logical idea of the pursuit of full selfish fulfilment, for the fact we seek to give up ourselves in favour for the other. In actuality, we often go against biological imperatives and behave irrationally.

I believe, love is a huge determining factor of this. We love, some of us deeply and fiercely, others holding a love that could be swept away in the gentlest of breezes. All of us in varying degrees, use our different forms of love to guide us.

We are influenced to behave in ways that others looking in would only stare in recrimination from the outside.  Yet we feel a rush, a wellspring of hope, happiness and utter contentment as we are validated by those who hold our hearts.

Today, after the meltdown of yesterday’s events, I felt an extreme depth of gratitude and sheer adoration for those who had chosen to stand by me still. Even as I questioned how much of a good person I am, there they are. Even as I think, that is probably not the most rational of actions to do, they remained with me. Love me still.

My existence, my very being validated as I try to return the warmth I receive. Sometimes it is alright to be completely illogical.





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