Lady Fortuna

“Any fool can have bad luck; the art consists in knowing how to exploit it”

Frank Wedekind

A playwright who dabbled in homosexual activity, sadomasochism, solicitation and wrote about topics that are considered taboo even in today’s society. All in all, it was pure luck that I found him as I looked for a quote about fortune.

Personally, bad luck is a matter of perspective as many people have said to me over the years. Failure, merely an opportunity to do better next time. However, saying is infinitely easier than believing.

Years, it had taken years for me to be alright with bad luck, instances where something terrible is beyond your control and reckoning. But there will be moments, where I will spend days going over it. Drowning in my circumstances. A fool as Wedekind says.

One thing I can stand behind though is exploiting ‘bad luck’ when I am capable. I have found that I find it easier to write when I feel sad, angry or despondent to the world around me. Is that the exploitation he meant? Probably not. Yet it works for me, and I think that’s creating my own luck from the bad experiences I had.



via Daily Prompt: Fortune


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