Time, Love & Death

“49 years. I was with him for 49 years. You can’t begin to imagine. You can’t know the bond, the commitment, the boredom, the yearning, the laughter, the love of it. The fucking love. You just cannot know! Everything we sacrificed. The years I gave him. The years he gave me. Did you think to ask?”

Kelly, San Junipero – Black Mirror

Recognition and Origins

The air lingered with the smell of heady scents of flowers, unrecognisable to the warrior who stood in wait for the lady. How long had they stood close but never touching, their oath making them the closest yet loneliest people on the planet?

The guardian watched from below, standing in front of her as she walked up those dust covered steps. Each foot lifts, till finally she looses the floating fabric and it slips slowly down, skin unspoilt, healed as she ascends, grey light softening around the edges of her.

As she rose, they fell, down to the cool ground beneath, rough but they could not see, only feel.

Their princess, their goddess, their love.

Whispers and Silence

It was during those tumultuous moments when all that lingered in the air was salt; sweat, tears and blood. Their bodies had long learnt to move in sync a long time ago, a deadly medley of steel and acid coming forth from the two.

When their hands touched, she felt the warmth of their hands beneath her light touch. Once the paladin had been revolted at the thought of her touch. They barely spoke, instead, using their physicality instead as they continued their shared path. Their trust came in words unspoken, yet in the rare moments they said her name, she broke.

Still, they stayed, as her voice scarcely heard above the sound of the wilderness around them, gently incanting, the lifeblood of their fallen enemies to heal them.

She would break others and herself if she could hear them say her name again.

Excitement and Boredom

Their shared bond was timeless, a neverending cycle of dread and hope. Not every lifetime was full of the riotous fun they had together, sometimes there was simply nothing to do. In those moments, they had too much time even when they knew they did not have enough.

All they felt during these times, was unyielding displeasure as they know this, yet the could not stop the creeping sense of tedium. This life was mundane, excruciatingly ordinary.

Their feet dragged along the pristine white floors, the place frustratingly pristine, smelling of cleanliness as it reached their nose. With disdain, they reached for the stopper on their ornate crystal bottle. They longed for a taste, the burning feeling in their chest, adrenaline.

Alcohol would have to do until they found her again.

Shatter and Merge

When they moved across the room to each one another for the first time, it always felt like the last. When they held their hands together, the sparks, the way she felt that light in her grow as they leant in. Felt each other after so long, living half-lives. No one understood the other like they did.

Their bodies were young but their souls were older than the world that moved around them. Flickering, the time they held together a moment, yet an eternity. How could anyone else ever truly fathom it?

They were made two parts of a divine whole but.

They had to kill.


Clear droplets of water fall on the two and the small spaces in between. Possibly for the final time this life.  Why did they have to break their own hearts continuously and the world carries on.

A city, full of neon lights, towering buildings and strangers who walked by, could not comprehend the enormity of two strangers, both impassive to the world around them, always staring.

Lightning and gunsmoke filled the air as the two danced in the rain. Fighting not to survive but to die for the other, yet the would never forgive if they did not give their all. Their romance was never the stories of happily ever afters.

But of pain, of denial, of sorrow and despair yet filled with undeniable hope and happiness. Because they will see each other again. They will see her again.

Wild flowers, the fragrant scent in the mind of the warrior, overpowering the scent of burnt flesh and cybernetics as they are held in their love’s arms again.

They could never quite remember what the flowers were.

Author’s Note

So, this is what I call my Death AU which really is not an AU but a story I had created when I was fourteen. The OCs if it was not unclear which I am 99% sure it wasn’t clear at all are forced to reincarnate, find each other, only for them to fight to the death.

Thus came this terrible idea to make snippets of a story.

Enjoy or not!





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