Georgi – Vedmak

Harsh lands, unforgiving in their extremities,

Cruelty was not intention but one of nature

This world would either break you or temper

Make you, own you,  mould you, throw you aside,

Whether you were a human or a monster,

Only the gods owned the right to control


Yet I will attempt to do so,

As I already broke the rules set out by nature,

By existing, wielding augury and blood,

As tools even as I am stared upon,

My very creation shall be marvelled not despised


It was my own helpless mind,

Which misled me, enabled me to succumb

To loveliness and deception of the heart


I held the fates within my sight,

But it was flawed, my treacherous gift,

Did not allow me to see,

As I revelled in delight


Indeed, I felt, as deep as the shining threads of fate,

Glittering, she was a wondrous being,

Who overpowered my resolve,

Replaced with passions of emotions felt


We danced and I thought, I dared to dream,

We were complete even as she turned,

Even as she sneered and flew


The depths of my despair and corruption,

She was an enemy my sisters whispered,

I refused, enchanted, enthralled

I would bind her, curse her, control her

My blood and hers would be one


The depths of my passion and ardour,

Terrified, and I was cast aside

Alone but not wholly,

The silver thread soaked in our shared life force,

Will lead me true


A man’s pragmatism,

Allowed succour, harsh of voice,

But gentle in leniency,

He will shelter, he will teach


I shall be a hero, a guardian of the weak

Belonging now to a band of soldiers,

I will hold the enchanted promise close to my heart,

Resolved to hide intention, to seek,

Until Anya returns to me


Author’s Note

In Slovakian mythology, Vedmak or male warlocks were considered rare and capable of being good, unlike the more traditional female vedma.  Another aspect of the Vedmak was the fact it had been popularised by ‘The Witcher Saga’ created by Andrzej Sapkowski.

For Georgi himself, however, he dealt with a lot of emotional baggage in terms of his former partner Anya. This AU was not intended to be pure fluff thus a darker spin on his inability to let go of his ex, was mixed in.

I feel a disclaimer should be added in, this one has hugely limited research available so please, if there is anything wrong with my interpretation of the mythos, let me know.

Here are the few places I could manage to find something;


White Wolf














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