So This Happened


As I am a very productive student in my final year of University (hopefully), I was talking to my friends on VC and decided that everyone should become Jes aka me. Now I admit, I am not the most humorous of people but sometimes. Just sometimes, I am not a lifeless force.

Thus, Jesapocolypse 2.0. happened which included a lot of hilarious art. Also, an all-around feeling of why are we doing this entering all our minds.

Which now leads to a deeper rabbit hole of friendship. I am someone who struggles with connecting with people. Even more of an obstacle is the ability to maintain these connections. Yet here I was, having known these people for months and I still adore them.

I have been writing about friendship a lot lately, both good and bad. Especially true as I had just created this blog. This leaves me with more questions. Healthy and harmful relationships are a huge part in driving force of what makes an individual. Personal experience has shown me the impacts of both on a person.

Although, it makes me wonder how much can we blame on the company we seek and our own ‘autonomy’. I remember my old English teacher trying to implore us to think about free will and what it means, especially with the book ‘Free Will‘.  Going back to relationships, especially friendships, how in control of the people we are drawn to and when we decide to take the plunge from strangers to friends.

Further than that, what makes friendships so important as they become an intrinsic part of you and your identity. Not that I don’t love my friends, I do. I just wonder, why do they affect you so much. Misery and joy intensified, probably our ability to empathise increases as we can identify with the people we care about. Even more so, when those components are directed towards us.

I will not pretend to know the answers to these questions but I will say this.

Todays Jesapocolypse 2.0. was a wild event.


p.s. The artist for this particular piece of work and what spawned a number of hilarious pieces.


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