Sometimes Our Flames Hurt

Their love was that of dancing, soft flames,

Gentle warmth emitting, while a snowstorm raged on outside

A mix of red and purple, hotter beneath the mild exterior

They embraced their shared ardour,

Their love as visceral as their display of power,

As they fought and loved together



Yet today, the snow had thawed and the world beckoned them,

Nana was not ready to feel the grief that awaited outside,

Aiden, emotions taut, wanted to face it,

Both sought to find a measure of peace


Their sorrow causing their gentle flame to combust

Into something that roiled and raged,

At each other but not truly,

Their inner turmoil simply came out,

In forms of heated words and unmeant threats


The snekairy stormed out, white tendrils shaking,

Nana, screamed, surrounded and caged,

She stormed to their shared bed,

Release, as Aiden sought their own


However, the being had in their ill-spirits,

Quickly waned in the still chilled air,

Snakes, even half of one,

Should not linger in winter for long


She was found by a stranger,

By whose grace, returned them to their wife,

Aggrieved Nana glided in fear,

She could not lose their fey lover too


So twenty days and twenty nights,

Aiden was nursed by her ball of light,

They were cradled in the warmth of their shared flicker,

A flame that reached their hearts as they grieved together,

In between the snekairy’s slow recovery


By the twenty-first day, they nestled

In their blankets, hands clasped,

The silence healed the last tendrils of hurt,

As the world sunk in the form of rays of light,

Flashed across their face


Their voices did not carry, both slight in stature,

Heads touching as they held on,

The pain of loss lingered,

But today, their flame comforted them,

They still had each other

Author’s Note

Right, I finally managed to coerce convince a friend into sending me a writing request on my Tumblr. My first attempt at writing hurt/comfort so hopefully I’ve done the genre a little justice.

This is set in the fantasy verse, with my friend Greca’s and Aiden’s OCs. More info through written backstories will hopefully, arrive soon.

Both these OCs deserve better universes but alas they are stuck with me.



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