The Valet and Handmaiden of Discord

Lady Fair


A princess in a world of feathers and light,

She stood among them all,

Separate from the heights of her strength,

Yet she remained austere and polite

How did she fall, into the shine of the golden God?

From Order to Chaos


She was tasked to oversee the gilded gates,

From a throne of duty and power,

Control, in all things, even with thoughts and dreams,

An angel among the crows


Beneath the silver lights of the queen,

Long may she reign,

Her throat bared little among the armour,

Adorning her,

Leave little to chance, as all fall into line


A call, an echo through the pristine halls,

Enthrals her with a melody of promise,

Of chances taken, of discordant joy,

Come lady fair,

You belong to the world of fortune,

Of unforetold futures of agony and pleasure


She looks but she is yet to see


Seducer of the Fallen


They were born in the world of the untamed,

Travelling the worlds of change, of chaos,

Bound by only the element of the unknown,

Their father, Discord, watched their child from above


Their power lay in the disarming of weapons,

Stroke those who would attack,

Only to fall beneath their hands and voice,

Control not taken but pliancy created,

They would fall but also rise,

With tender whispers and echoes of potential


Free will, all the Golden God wishes,

As he placed a hand on their shoulder,

Let them see the shine we create,

Upon the world smothered, domesticated

Stagnating under the totalitarian designs,

Of those awe-inspiring gates,

Leading to the realm of order


They became her,

For the purposes of entering those hallowed halls,

Skin clothed in lace, bared for all to see, a smile,

She feared little even as she saw the combatant,

Eyes, dark yet they glowed,

In the severe lights and faceless statues,

She will make them see her and beyond


Fly Away with Me Darling


If one was to meet their opposite in the halls where people were stripped hollow. What would be your response?


Lilliana knew little of what to do as the woman came to her in slinking motions, the scent of black orchids flooding her senses. Every part of her was that of sensuous movements and of wine spilt to the floor. Everything she was not. She sensed it in every fibre of her being as she raised her blade.


“Who are you and how dare you enter these halls without permission!” Lilliana’s voice remained strong despite the adrenaline running through her system. It has been far too long since she has felt…. Threatened.


Azara was always one to tempt fate, an unfortunate fault in her upbringing. Weapon-less she moved closer until the scent of fragrant lilies overpowered the overwhelming taint of lives, unfulfilled. She had heard things of the princess of Order, solid in temperament and physicality, of meticulous refinement. Domesticated to protect, but protect what exactly. Herself?


“Princess of Order, Lilliana. How long have you moved across these chambers, how long have you heard them? How long have you resigned yourself to feel their emptiness, their soulless husks? How long Lilliana,” Her voice dripped with her own personal defence, not of blades, but of resonances of every desire, every fear, melded into one.


Everything laid bare in front of the silvered tongue mistress, every stray thought of doubt, of despair, of disgust. She was shackled to the kingdom, wings clipped even as she was the shining beacon of her people.

“I said who are you!” Even as Lilliana felt these thoughts echoing in her mind, her will was not broken. She was incensed, she would not be brought low by a seductress. She moves forward, white feathers fluttering from the back as she moved across.


To the succubus.


Azara’s father spoke of adoring mortals their ability to choose. He instilled in her that they should be able to change their own destinies with every choice they made. Order went against the very tenet of their purpose, subverting their duty. Her purpose was clear, the heir, would either be the salvation of her kind or their ultimate ruin.


But she had to decide.


Wings, almost bat-like in nature, shielded their body as they swiftly dodged the shining blade, in a whirl of unforetold speed. They were not helpless, even if they preferred a more pleasurable approach. They laughed, boisterous and entertained. Disarming Liliana as they stuttered in their assault, they leapt forward, claws, glowing, in the haze of her fathers.


Their fight was silent except for the delighted giggling Azara released at the more calculated moves done by Lilliana. She was confused, who enjoyed such violent activity other than the Kingdom of Chaos. But they were exiled, cast away because they did not fit the world her mother created. Yet, here she was, or they as they had morphed into an androgynous being, neither man or woman yet both.


Who won this battle, neither were entirely sure as they managed to get to the great hall, the silence jarring on both their senses. Azara licked the tip of her lip at the strike Lilliana had managed to pass through her defences. Maybe she would be willing to cooperate now?


“Lilliana, how long?” Her voice, muted and exhausted, they had little energy to maintain the form they arrived in. If all else fails, they could relish the fact they destroyed the domain of the silver princess.


Lilliana leant against the wall, hands shaking, her sword fallen away long before. How did it come to this, did her worries project so strongly that an agent of Discord came to her home? She closed her eyes, if she is to die or kill today, a little honesty would not harm.


They were here for a purpose.


“Centuries,” her impeccable resolve lasted till the very end, her voice crisp and clear.


“You know this is not how the world is meant to be.” Luck, Azara always had to push, as they moved through the wreckage they created. They were the one to make a move this time, an overture of peace.


Azara’s hand rested on the side of Lilliana’s head, not touching but close. The trace of lilies and black orchids lingered in the space between them. How long played through the silence, as they leant against the marble wall. What stayed her hand, Lilliana was unsure.


Or maybe she was but she still feared.


Time meant little to the demigods but the decisions they make do. Even now as they scrutinised the other, the sense of the precipice permeated through the air.


Azara stood up, before giving a final smile, walking slowly, taking Lilliana’s blade with its lit edges as they moved past. A final taunt as they left.


Autonomy, or was it the twisted hand of karma, maybe uncertainty needed to return to the world of mortals.


Lilliana, turned to the lone throne, the only untouched object in the mess. With an ache in her chest, she clutches her fist over the space inside her. She followed, throwing away the helm of her lineage which covers her quiet footsteps against the ruin.


As they fell from the silver kingdom, she rose her wings in the name of disorder. Flying, closer to the sun than ever before.


Author’s Note

The fantasy verse, my first writing universe. This started as a funny let’s make OCs of ourselves for a squad drawing. Now it has evolved into a sad attempt by me to create a story from the wonderful characters others have made.

This is in fact not the first piece I have written for it but I feel extremely proud of this one in terms of length and the world building aspects I have managed to pry from my mind.

The writing for this will be all over the place with non-canon works, backstories and basically whatever takes my fancy. Although I will tag the canon story line as I write it. Much like the Myth AU for Yuri on Ice, I will probably rewrite the works I have already done as well as create more new pieces over time.

If you have any questions about the characters or the verse in general, please feel free to comment or send a message through the contact page.

Finally, I want to thank Art Wife and Cas for allowing me to use their characters for the universe.


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