Barely There

I was a woman, so simple yet complicated


I lived in a world run amok with control,

I ran in the shadows, yet I revelled in more light,

Than those who scurried to the next hour,

Barely living, they could only sneer in distaste


But they only disdain what they could not see,

Especially as I, armed with fingertips,

Tasted an electric burn that hurt others,

Saw the world awash with light brimming,

Overflowing, a storm, all inside me


The nights were my favourite,

As I played roles before the final close,

Smoke, fluorescent lights and sweat,

Clog the air with pollution to the senses


It was a gift, wrapped in the haze,

Of adrenaline, of clarity,

Bodies slide against each other,

A different sort of spark,

Rushing inside and around them


Becoming a living pulse,

Before I take one, tearing them away,

Took their last breaths as they sway


My word was not my bond,

Yet my actions were, as I held them close,

Whispered, all the wonderful lies,

Security, danger, whatever they needed


We plunge together,

In final moments, as their distress,

Overwhelms them, their hearts

Betray them, my eyes,

Watch them, and all it leaves,

Is a job done and a corpse.


Author’s Note

So I stopped my daily updates because;

  1. I actually had to write a report for my University paper (on Nintendo nonetheless)
  2. I decided to RP which was grand
  3. Decided to add even more children to my pain den (save them)

My character is Sadame, a Japanese mage living in cyber-land as an assassin. My RP partner has decided that their character will, in fact, be a woman as well. Their character is a French cyborg ‘mercenary investigator’ ¬†named Amarante.

In terms of the Death AU, there will be a lot of changes from the first post because the rp is finally starting and let’s just say, it deviated from what I first envisioned them as. It was foreseeable but I love what I did for the opening piece so I will leave it as is.

I hope you like this piece!














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