Written in Blood

My second Tumblr request which is based on an RP I am currently doing which involves unhealthy characters and relationships. Due to its dark themes, I would say avoid it if you are uncomfortable with the premise, please.


Intoxication, of the bloody kind.

He had never felt higher, felt more powerful and in control

Even as his eyes held that gleam, the only shine

In eyes, deadened, almost absorbing the limited light around him

Flaking strips of blood yield to clear liquid,

Heat, matching the warming glow radiating inside him,

How could he, how could he

Ever go back to what he was

Ordinary, maybe even less so,

Merely content with watching,

A shade, desirous of life,

Unaware of his own wants, the pull of the living was lingering

Even deeper within the shade’s depths,

Laid the desire of all shadows unable to pay the toll of Charon,

Blood, made them feel alive

He finishes cleansing himself physically,

Bubbles, made pink as he scours across his unmarred flesh

He was too strong, in the element of terror and surprise

Such a sweet boy, a calm boy, so intelligent and talented,

Yet lifeless, in need of more people whisper

Viktor will make him bloom

Indeed, he grew and flourished

But not of the bright temperateness that flowed from his lover,

He grew in the damp, covered places,

A predator in blossom, dancing along the pale flesh

Pulling him taut, pinpricks, sharp stabbing needles,

Physically his

But it will be more wouldn’t it,

Every aspect of the brilliant sheen,

Viktor a diamond will soak in his shadows,

Death, reincarnation, together

The real damage would heal uneven,

Joined together he imagines,

Symbiotic, neither living without the other,

And with a final leap, they will watch the fathomless depths,

Watching the others, paying a toll, for standing in between them

Author’s Note

Alright, this is a look into a darker high school AU, inspired by the Yandere Simulator. Unhealthy relationships are never okay in real life but I do enjoy writing about them for their story value, overdone and cliche it may be.

The title itself is from one of the songs I listen to on repeat while I am writing for the RP and any other works I make for this AU. She Wants Revenge is an amazing band and I highly recommend them to everyone.

Finally, I would like to reiterate, abusive, toxic relationships are never something you should support in real life. Appreciate them for their horror and even thought value because they are interesting but I will never support the romanticisation of them.


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